Double Sided Tissue Tape in Bangalore

Virag Industries is one of the reputed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of double sided tissue tape in Bangalore, India. Double sided tissue tape is a lightweight tissue with a rubber-based adhesive. Like double-sided paper products, double-sided tissue provides more flexibility and greater stability than adhesive transfer tape. It is suggested to use double sided tissue to fit light weight items and can be used to laminate cork, paper, plastic and cloth.
Double sided tissue tape is an additional heavy responsibility of non-woven fabric backing, dimensional stable liner and double-sided tissue tape with pressure-sensitive adhesive and high adhesion in bangalore.

Double Sided Tissue Tape in Hyderabad

What is double sided tissue tape used for?

Virag industries is one of the leading, manufacturer or supplier of double sided tissue tape in Hyderabad. Double sided tissue tape is used for leather, shoe positioning, computer embroidery, clothing positioning, plastic or paper bag sealing, wallpaper and other paper crafts, nameplates, die cutting, paper splicing, foam lamination, plastic. And mounting film switches, etc. for objects stuck in the TV.

Features :

Benefits of Double Sided Tissue Tape

Virag Industries Double sided Tissue tape offers early grab and high tech adhesion advantages for industrial production and assembly . Specific product features and benefits include:Easily tearable by hand.

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